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About this site
    publishedat: 10/Oct/2014
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    title: About this site

    This site is built using my own software since I was tired of jumping through the hoops using blogging engines such as Hexo, Jekyll and Octopress. There was always some problem, mainly because I forgot how to add posts or modify the site everytime I thought of adding to the site. I forgot how to deploy, or I forgot how to easily set it up on a new computer, or there other problems such as code highlighting etc. This might have something to do with me not always reading the manual too carefully, however in any case at long last I managed to put something together myself that I think will suit me for a while.


    One repo on github for building, cloning, syncing all the source code, including the posts, pages and layout. Setting up the site on a new computer is as easy as cloning the repo, doing an npm install, bower install and a bin/serve .

    Adding or updating posts and pages is as easy as editing the files in the build/post and build/pages directories. These files are all in org mode, so I can use my org-mode formatting skills to layout any text, and not worry about knowing/remembering yet another markup language such as markdown. Org-mode allows me to have headings, lists, stylings, links, quotes, tables, lines and hidden comments.

    Posts can have meta data at the top of the file, enabling or setting properties like title, published, tags and comments. Run bin/build and on save the whole site rerenders itself from scratch (with some caching though). Refresh the page and my site is locally updated.

    Updating the site on the net is done by just pushing the www directory to the repo.