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Adea, an experiment in application back end infrastructure

I believe firmly in decoupling front and back end, using messages for communication, self reliance for individual machines in a network, auto configuration for the network as a whole, 'backendless' infrastructure and depositing as much as functionality as possible in the front end. This can be implemented lots of different ways, this blog post discusses a sketch of just one way, dictated by limitations chosen.

The web is not a good fit really..

Mobile and web apps are in wild demand and built by and for everybody. Yet nobody knows quite yet how to consistently and reliable structure and organize the back nor the front end. Some solutions are more popular then others, but there is no consensus, and fashion and fads seem to have undue influence. I want to talk about why and how this has come about and some ideas on improving the situations.

Installing and using Clojure and ClojureScript with Emacs

Clojure is wonderful, being able to use ClojureScript in the browser even more so, however setting up a development environment is a pain in the ass. On top of this what's considered best practice is still changing from almost month to month.

Because of this I intend to document here as accurately as I can the process for getting a working environment in Emacs for both Clojure and ClojureScript. This is going to be a working document where I will update the procedure I use myself on an ongoing basis. In general I will be noting instructions to install the most recent verions of software and scripts. Mostly this is a description of how, not so much of why, but I'll try to include links to more info where relevant.

Markup Cheat sheet for Org-mode

A cheatsheet of often used org markup used on this site with examples of rendered html followed by the markup used.

About this site

This site is built using my own software since I was tired of jumping through the hoops using blogging engines such as Hexo, Jekyll and Octopress. There was always some problem, mainly because I forgot how to add posts or modify the site everytime I thought of adding to the site. I forgot how to deploy, or I forgot how to easily set it up on a new computer, or there other problems such as code highlighting etc. This might have something to do with me not always reading the manual too carefully, however in any case at long last I managed to put something together myself that I think will suit me for a while.